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Had this model for over 10 years. Is there nothing this beauty can not do? deals with everything from softening butter to roasting full size turkey. Also very easy to obtain replacement cardboardy thingy which covers the internal microwave unit. The heat breaks it down after about five years of conventional oven use. Every kitchen should have one. High recommendation.Read full review...

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Makes cooking easy!

This microwave is very good. We're on our second one because we sold our previous home and the purchasers wanted our microwave too! You can cook an average sized frozen chicken in approx one hour, which is great but you can then steam your veg in just minutes. An all round great oven. We use it for just about every hot meal we cook.Read full review...

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Excellent replacement for microwave, oven and grill.

These are excellent. I have been using them for over 15 years, I have no oven, no separate grill, I just use this combi. This year, for the first time, I successfully cooked a family Christmas dinner on it. The 40l size allows two levels of stuff cooking at the same time. My latest purchase was because the microwave function gave up as they do after 15 years.

There is now a competitor in this 40l size, but the oven only goes up to 200 degrees, which is not quite enough if you like baking.

Using the grill does mean frequent cleaning because of the inevitable spatter, however having been obliged to replace my hob, and bought an induction, I find that I can very successfully 'grill' on the hob now.

It is 'compact' in that it doesn't waste space. 40l of space is quite large.
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A great piece of kitchen kit!

One of my clients uses one of these ovens in their café, and having used it a few times while I've been there, I decided to buy one to use at home in my own kitchen. I'm very pleased I did.

While it's pretty large, it's a great appliance, really easy to use, and with plenty of room inside to meet my cooking and baking needs. It's super-easy to clean too. I particularly like that it comes with two decent-sized oven trays, which are large enough to hold a 10-portion quiche dish each, or several 1kg loaf pans, as well as the usual lasagne dishes, etc. I haven't used the round racks yet, other than to use for cooling off cakes!

The only reason I've given it four stars, and not five is because it does have a hotspot at back left - exactly the same as the one in my friend's café, so it seems to be a bit of a design flaw. It's nothing major though, as long as you remember to rotate anything you're baking or roasting part way through the cooking process.

Things to note when considering purchasing one of these: you will need a fair amount of space all around this oven, as it throws out a lot of heat when baking/roasting, and it's a little on the noisy side.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this combi oven; it heats up fast, and cooks very well. I didn't have a conventional one in my kitchen, I'd be very happy for this to be my sole oven, and the fact that it's a microwave too is a bonus (I say this as someone who hasn't owned a microwave for decades!).
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Great combination microwave

We’ve had this particular microwave for 10 years before needing to be replaced. We went for the same make and model as it has been so reliable. Good for microwave and separate oven, and as a combination, works really well. Excellent size. Never yet burnt anything in it!Read full review...

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Unbeatable capacity. Fabulous in so many respects but does not in my experience, last for many years.

Once used, you'll never wish for another! One of its main attractions is its size. I can do a full roast in this beast and its so convenient for smaller cooking instead of heating up a large oven. As a microwave, the features are countless and invaluable from defrosting at short notice, to using its auto-defrost feature and making successful egg-based sauces and curds using its reduced microwave power feature.

Negative for me; it's not as long-lasting as I would expect :o( My previous/current identical models have lasted 3 years each which is very disappointing as some parts have failed (different in each one). Maybe because I use it several times per day hasn't helped its longevity.

Having said this, until another company produces a fully digital and certainly a larger capacity model similar to this, I am embarking on buying my 3rd one as life wouldn't exist without my favoured combi-mate.
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SHARP...Massive combo micro / oven / grill

It's massively huge beast, a capacity capable of cooking an 8 lb whole bird perfectly...but it is very close in size to half of a full size tumble dryer or a washing machine on the outside, is exactly what i wanted ! though may not fit in your kitchen well ? I LUV ITRead full review...

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Our second one after hammering the first for 15 years

We love the size of this microwave and do most of our cooking in it. It is good for baking and all fan oven cooking. This is our second. The old one is still working it just needs a grill element but as it is over 15 years old and the new ones are so reasonably priced we bought another.Read full review...

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Ideal for us

Second one we owned very happy with its performance. Good size for large family.
Easy to use and keep clean



This replace my old one which was a sharps microwave come oven but this is a lot better Lots of room easy to use

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